CSAW T.V. Broadcast Scheduling System

Process Narrative: Process 1.0 Process Length & Content Information

  1. Purchasing department sends length & content information to the system [scheduling clerk] once it receives the information from the distributor
  2. The scheduling clerk enters the information into the Program file

Process Narrative: Process 2.0 Schedule Programs

  1. Scheduler receives program listing from the Program Manager after the program file has been updated by the schedule clerk
  2. Scheduler access the Program file and uses this information and the program listing information to create a draft schedule of programs
  3. Scheduler enters this information into the Schedule file

Process Narrative: Process 3.0 Calculate Advertising Time

  1. Daily, the scheduler accesses the Schedule file to calculate the available time for advertisements
  2. Scheduler informs Sales Department about the availability of available times for advertising to be sold

Process Narrative: Process 4.0 Schedule Advertising Times

  1. Scheduler receives a list of sold advertising from the Sales Department
  2. Scheduler compares list of sold advertising against total advertising slots available
  3. If there are open slots available, the scheduler accesses the Vignette Library to insert the appropriate 'filler' so the schedule will be completely filled.
  4. Scheduler enters the changes into the Schedule file

Process Narrative: Process 5.0 Print Out Schedule

  1. Scheduler accesses the completed Schedule file and prints it out
  2. Scheduler sends hard copy of completed schedule to the Broadcast Manager