Moguls N Stuff DFD Narratives

1.0 Process Student Request

  1. A student submits a request for a lesson.
  2. If the student request is incomplete it is returned to the student.
  3. The request is then filed in the Student Request folder.

2.0 Contact Instructor

  1. Each day the Student Request folder is checked for the number of student requests.
  2. If there are enough requests then the Instructor file is accessed for available instructors.
  3. The related Lesson is looked up.
  4. An available instructor is contacted with the lesson and number of students.
  5. If the instructor rejects the class then another instructor is contacted.
  6. When an instructor is found the class list can then be prepared.

3.0 Prepare Class List

  1. When an instructor accepts the class:
    • The Lesson details are looked up
    • The students that will be attending the class are collected
    • Then with the instructor information the class list is prepared
    • Once the class list is prepared a copy of the class list information is sent to the instructor.

4.0 Send Student Confirmation Letter

  1. Each day after the class list is prepared the Class list is used with the Student contact information to prepare confirmation letters.
  2. The confirmation letters are then sent to each student in the class.