Golden Links System Level Narratives

  1. Process Membership Application
    • Members submit membership applications to the system.
    • The applicant member is checked to see if they already exist.
    • If the member exists, then the Member file is updated.
    • If the member does not exist then the member is added to the Member file.
      • Once the member is added to the Member file the membership information is sent to the member.
  1. Book Lesson
    • The member requests a lesson by providing the date, time, and lesson description.
    • The Member file is checked to see if they are a member in good standing.
    • If the member is in good standing then the Lesson folder is checked for available booking times.
    • If the requested time is available the member confirms the lesson placement.
    • The lesson booking is filed in the Lesson folder and the booking information is also sent to the Member.
  1. Produce Lesson Schedule
    • Daily the Golf Pro requests a Lesson Schedule for the current day.
    • All the lessons for the current day are retrieved from the lesson folder.
    • The related member information for each lesson is also retrieved to create the schedule.
    • The finished schedule is then sent to the Golf Pro.