Invoice Processing System Narratives

Process 1.0 Check Invoice

  1. Accounting clerk receives vendor invoices
  2. Accounting clerk checks these invoices against related Packing Slips and Purchase Orders 
  3. If everything matches the invoice is authorized for payment.
  4. Otherwise any unmatched Invoices are forwarded to the Purchasing Department for later processing.

Process 2.0 Issue Payment

  1. Upon receiving an authorized invoice the Accounting clerk looks up the Vendor information for Contact and Account information.
  2. Accounting clerk produces a cheque and sends it to the vendor.
  3. Accounting clerk stamps the invoice 'paid' then files in the Paid Invoice file
  4. The Vendor’s account balance is updated to indicate the payment.

Process 3.0 Produce Reports

  1. Monthly, Accounts Payable clerk produces an Audit Trail Report
  2. Accounts Payable clerk looks up all paid invoices for the current month.
  3. The invoices are compiled into the Audit Trail Report and send to the Finance Manager