Peek Magazine DFD System Level Narratives

  1. Process Subscription Request
    • When a Subscriber submits a Subscription Request or a response to Incomplete Request, it is checked to be certain that it is complete and correct and includes the payment. 
    • If it is a response to an Incomplete Request then the Incomplete request is looked up.
    • If it is complete and correct, the payment is forwarded to the Finance Department.
    • The subscription is checked against the special offer file to see if the subscription contains any special offers.
    • The verified subscription is filed along with any special offer flags that exist.
    • The Verified Subscriber information is passed to Update Subscriber.
    • If the Subscription Request is incomplete it is passed to Process Incomplete Subscription Requests.
  2. Update Subscriber
    • When the Verified Subscriber info is received from the completed Subscription Request, the Subscriber information is retrieved.
    • If the Subscriber does not exist then they are added to the Subscriber file.
    • If the Subscriber does exist then the file is verified and updated with the any new information.
  3. Process Incomplete Subscription Request
    • When an Incomplete Subscription Request is received, the Subscriber is contacted requesting addition Subscription information.
    • If the subscriber cannot be contacted immediately the Incomplete Request is filed.
  4. Complete Special Offer Requisition
    • Each day the completed Subscriptions with special offers are retrieved along with the Subscriber info.
    • The information is used to complete the Special Requisition.
    • The completed Special Offer Requisition is sent to the Shipping Department for processing.
  5. Prepare Mailing Labels
    • Each day the days Subscribers for the current day’s subscriptions are retrieved.
    • The Subscriber contact information is processed into mailing labels.
    • The Mailing Labels are forwarded to the Production Department.