Eider Won Order Processing – DFD Narratives

  1. Check Customer Order
    • A customer supplies an order to the system.
    • The order is checked for completeness.
    • The Customer information is updated in the customer file.
    • If the order contains all the required information it is assigned the status of "Complete" and passed to the Check Credit Rating Process.
    • If the order does not have the necessary information, it is flagged as "Incomplete" and passed to Process Incomplete Orders.
  1. Process Incomplete Orders
    • The incomplete order is received.
    • Using the customer information, a letter explaining the problem is created and sent with the order to the Customer.
  2. Check Credit Rating
    • Completed orders are received.
    • The Customer file is accessed for the credit rating and customer information.
    • If the order passes the credit rating, it is marked as "Approved" and passed to Check Inventory.
    • If the credit rating fails then the order is sent back to the customer with a refusal letter.
  3. Check Inventory
    • Upon receiving the approved order, the system checks inventory levels to ensure that there is sufficient inventory to completely fill the order.
    • If there is sufficient inventory the order is passed to Prepare Customer Order.
    • If there is not enough inventory, the system creates a purchase order by accessing the Supplier file to determine which Supplier to order the product from.
    • The Purchase Order is then sent to the Supplier.
    • The Customer order is updated as "Unfilled" and the Purchase Order is filed.
    • The Customer is sent a backorder notice.
  1. Prepare Customer Order
    • The "Approved" order is received.
    • The system retrieves the customer contact information.
    • Then a four-part packing slip and two-part Invoice is prepared.
    • A copy of the packing slip is sent to the Sales Department.
    • A copy of the packing slip and invoice is sent to the Accounting Department.
    • The remaining copies of the packing slips and invoice are used when the Customer order is filled.
  1. Fill Customer Order
    • When the packing slip and invoice are received, the items for the order are pulled from the warehouse.
    • The system updates the inventory levels.
    • The shipment with the packing slip and invoice is sent to the Customer.
    • The Customer order is updated as "Finished".