Umbra's VEHICLE DFD Narratives

  1. Prepare Work Order
    • Customer supplies a request for vehicle repairs.
    • The Work Order Request is given to the customer for approval and the customer signs the work order and returns it.
    • The Vehicle history is looked up and anything of importance is noted on the Work Order.
    • The Customer credit history is looked up and noted on the Work Order.
    • The Mechanic file is accessed to retrieve available mechanics that have training in the type of problem contained in the Work Order.
    • The Work Order is then forwarded to Repair Vehicle.
  1. Repair Vehicle
    • Upon receiving the work order the mechanic verifies the diagnosis of the problem.
    • The Customer is contacted with a repair estimate.
    • If the Customer’s response is to accept the repair estimate then the mechanic requests the parts from the Parts Department.
    • Parts used from inventory are recorded on the Inventory sheet.
    • The parts and labor costs are added to the completed Work Order and forwarded to Verify Totals.
  1. Verify Totals
    • The Service Rep receives the completed Work Order after repairs have been completed.
    • The totals are verified and the verified Work Order is filed for later use.
  1. Receive Payment
    • When the Customer arrives to pick up the repaired vehicle.
      • The finalized Work Order is retrieved and the amount of the repairs is forwarded to the customer.
      • The Customer provides payment for the repairs.
      • The Work Order is marked as paid.
      • A receipt is issued to the Customer along with a copy of the paid work order.