Plant Science Information System Narratives

  1. Review Study Proposals
    • The panel receives Study Proposals from the researchers
    • The clerk creates an electronic record of the proposal key fields
    • The panel reviews and either accepts or rejects the Study Proposal [this infers that the panel checks the Letter file to see if the Study Proposal has previously been rejected]
    • If approved,
      • The panel sends an approval letter to the researcher
      • The panel files the proposal and a copy of the approval letter
    • If rejected,
      • The panel creates a rejection letter and sends along with the rejected Study Proposal
      • The panel files a copy of the rejection letter in the Letter file
  1. Review Experiment Plan
    • The panel receives and accepts or rejects the Experiment Plan from the researchers
    • If accepted,
      • the Experiment Plan is filed in the Experiment Plan file
      • the panel sends an FDA Permit Request to the FDA department
    • If rejected, the Detail Study Proposal is returned to the researcher to make the necessary changes
  1. Process Permit
    • When the FDA sends the permit, the clerk files the permit in the permit file
    • The Experiment Plan file is updated with the permit number and the date received, and funds allocated
    • A copy of the permit and funds allocated are sent to the researcher
  1. Tabulate Experiment Notes
    • The researcher submits Experiment Notes every 30 days
    • The Panel tabulates the Experiment Notes against the Experiment Plan
    • Funding is sent to the researcher and the Experiment Plan is updated
    • The Panel files the tabulated Experiment Notes in the Experiment Notes file
  1. Produce Summary
    • When the last segment of the Experiment Notes is received by the panel, the Panel accesses the complete Experiment Notes segments for that particular experiment and produces a summary Analysis
    • The panel sends the Analysis summary to the researchers
    • The panel files the Analysis Summary and the Completed experiment in the Completed Experiment file